Guatemalan Worry No More Doll

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Delightful Finds, Incredible Impact! Purchases of our Guatemalan Worry No More Doll over the last 11 years has resulted in the value of 719 books for kids in need! Thank you for making the GreaterGood family of sites 20 Years Strong by shopping where it matters®!

Let go of your stressors in a most unique, most colorful way! According to the Mayan people of Guatemala, you can share your worries with worry people and then place them under your pillow at bedtime. During the night the worry people whisk all your cares away, and by the morning your anxieties should be gone.

Each worry doll is wrapped in a small hand-woven bag and includes a history story card. Bag measures 2.5" H x 2" W (6.4 x 5.1 cm). Colors will vary on both the doll the bag.

  • Cotton
  • 2" H x 0.5" W (5.1 x 1.3 cm)
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Guatemala

Doña Jerónima Juárez was born in the small village of San Pedro Las Huertas, near Antigua, Guatemala. She stopped attending school after the third grade in order to supplement her family's income by helping her mother sell vegetables in the marketplace.

Doña Jerónima's mother taught her to make worry dolls, a traditional craft in Guatemala. She recalls, "I was trying for 2 months to make the worry dolls; I made one but was not good enough then I undid the dolls and tried again and again and again lots of times."

Her perseverance paid off. Eleven years ago, she was able to found a small workshop, "Artesanias Multicolor," in the Colonial City of La Antigua Guatemala. She is able to employ fifteen artisans in the production of traditional and not-so-traditional handicrafts, including the "Worry Cats," a design she developed exclusively for the Greater Good Network.

With their livelihood no longer tied solely to the agricultural harvest, Doña Jerónima, her mother, and her three daughters continue to turn their traditional crafting skills towards the creation of new and unique designs.

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Fun idea for

Fun idea for giving a child to help stop from worrying what adults consider 'small stuff' but important to child..

Very cute.

Very cute. I like it very much.

I bought one

I bought one of these dolls for my daughter who has some worries about college. I do think it is helping:)

Adorable little treasures.

Adorable little treasures. My grandchildren loved them.

Adorable little handmade

Adorable little handmade doll really alleviates a childs worries.

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