Medical Care in the Peruvian Amazon


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From the most remote areas of the Amazon jungle to the city slums of Iquitos, you can provide desperately needed medical attention and health education to a man, woman, or child in the Peruvian Amazon.

Traditional remedies and Western health education can combine beautifully to help achieve and maintain health. For example, by boiling water to prepare traditional medicinal teas, patients are helping to combat waterborne parasites. They're also drinking more water, which helps prevent dehydration and the serious problems that can be associated with it. Hand-washing can avoid the spread of sickness. Clinics provide oral rehydration salts (ORS), and instructions on how to use them, to each head of family; a simple life-saver if a young child or infant suffers fever and diarrhea. partners with Amazon Promise to provide both Western and Traditional remedies in the clinics. Traditional healing practices are used to cover a wide range of health problems, complementing Western medical techniques and often successful even where expensive Western treatments can fail. In addition, traditional healers are trusted members of the community, and people are confident in their ability to heal.

Each person that is seen at an Amazon Promise clinic is offered the opportunity to see a practitioner of Western medicine or a local traditional healer. Treatment is provided for their diagnosed condition, or a referral to a specialty clinic is made. In addition, dental treatment is offered at many Amazon Promise medical clinics, as are talks on HIV/AIDS prevention, hygiene, and sanitation. For most of Amazon Promise's patients, this is the only medical care they ever receive.

You can help. Just $11 funds medical care and health education for a child in the Peruvian Amazon.

Amazon Promise is a U.S. based, non-profit organization founded to provide desperately needed medical care to remote populations living in the Upper Amazon Basin of Northeastern Peru. Its Peruvian operations are headquartered in the jungle city of Iquitos. Amazon Promise provides medical services and education to residents of Iquitos and neighboring Belen. Additionally, since 1994 it has conducted routine volunteer-based medical outreach, local training, and education in thirty-two remote jungle villages.

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